Now, Downhill To The Finish Line

Greetings praying friends,

It’s hard to believe that this school year is almost done.  It’s June 7, and graduation here at RVA is July 13, so we have just over a month left.  I’ve really enjoyed being a class sponsor for the class of 2017.  I joined them as a sponsor when we went on 6th grade Safari with them way back in 2011 and it’s been a blast.  This graduation I have all 72 of my kids graduating, so it’s going to be very sad for me as well.

The Senior Class

One more major activity coming up for the Seniors before graduation is Senior Safari.  All of the fundraising we’ve been doing pays for the Seniors trip at the beginning of July.  We go to the coast for a 5 night stay at a first class hotel, right on the beach.  This year the Seniors have chosen to stay at Voyager Beach Resort.  We’re hoping to use the new train that Kenya just inaugurated  but we’re still not sure if we can do it.  We might have to take the bus as normal.  Either way, its a great way to say “goodbye” to their fellow classmates after so many years of being together.

Right after we get back from Senior Safari my parents will be arriving to spend a couple of weeks here.  Pray that they travel well, and that all their luggage makes it.  I’ve ordered a bunch of stuff from the States that’s hard to get out here (like good pepperoni, and peppermint extract for making ice cream), so hopefully everything will come through customs fine.  I always wonder if the custom people at the airport like opening missionary’s bags just to see the weird stuff we bring out.  They arrive July 11 and stay trough August 3.

Yesterday I was able to take the 7th graders on their annual field trip to Hell’s Gate National Park.  And when I say “I”, I mean I was in charge, but I couldn’t do it without the other 10 staff and parents that went along as well.  Hell’s Gate has a gorge that is absolutely, stunningly beautiful, or, as I like to tell the kids, “This gorge is gorgeous!!!”  (For some reason, they think my jokes are lame. )  In some places, the gorge is so narrow that you can touch both walls with your hands.  I’ve always said that if Hell’s Gate is so beautiful, I can’t wait to see what heaven will be like.

The gorgeous gorge

Hell’s Gate National park is one of the few national parks in Kenya where you can get out of your car and walk around a bit.  There aren’t any dangerous animals (except buffalo).  We divided the kids up into 3 groups and rotated them through three activities, rock climbing, rappelling, and hiking.  I usually run the hiking portion of the trip and leave the rock climbing and rappelling to others.

Yesterday there was part of the gorge that the water had completely covered the floor.  The kids had to wade through, and it went up to our knees.   Because I was leading the hiking part, I went through that section with each of the three groups.  Wouldn’t you know that on the third time through, just as I was getting out of the wading part, my foot hit a submerged rock.  The kids watching me said they thought I just laid down in the water on purpose.  From the left armpit on down I was soaked.  Fortunately my cell phone was on my right hip, and I was able to keep that part out of the water.  Half my body soaking wet.  Nothing hurt but my pride.  Oh well.

Group # 3 from yesterday. Note the hot spring behind them to the right.

Well that’s about it from here.  Here’s a couple of prayer requests for you to lift before God’s throne.

  • Pray for the Seniors as they get ready to leave many of their friends and spread out around the world.  It’s going to be a sad time for them.
  • Pray for the new staff that are preparing to come to RVA for the next school year, and pray for the staff here at RVA that will be leaving.
  • Praise.  My former roommate is returning to RVA on staff.  Of course, he’s bringing his wife and twin girls, so he won’t be my roommate again, but still, I’m pretty excited.
  • Pray that my parents have a safe trip here and a great time while they are here.