November 16 to February 7. Way too long for an update.

I guess I’m not as good keeping up with the news as I should be.  Sorry.  Well mostly because not much is new here.  I’m still teaching 7th grade Math, still coaching Jr. High soccer (girls right now, boys back in November), still doing Jr. High ROCK (we’re using the movie God’s Not Dead!! as our jumping off point for ROCK this term), still doing Jr. High Coordinator stuff, still doing the same things I’ve been doing all school year.  And still seeing God doing what he’s doing here at RVA, in Kenya, and around the world. Since not much has changed, I figured rather than give an update, I’d just give you some prayer requests that you can lift before the throne.

Prayer — I have a friend who is trying to go to the United States for medical school.  He’s been accepted to a school, had his student visa and was getting ready to leave for the US, but even though he’s lived in Kenya for the past 25 years and is a strong Christian . . . he’s Sudanese.  And with President Trump’s executive order baring Sudanese from entering the US for a while, all his plans have been thrown into chaos, even though he already had a scholarship to a school, a student visa to the US, and most of the money for his plane ticket.  Now he’s not sure he’ll be able to get the education in the US he wanted to have in order to return to Sudan to help the desperate people in Sudan.  Pray that decisions will be made that will allow my friend to get to the US for his education.

Praise — Thanks so much for your prayers for my arthroscopic knee surgery in December.  The surgery went very well, and I’m about 95% back to normal.  My knee still hurts occasionally when I’ve been exercising it a lot (like when I’m coaching soccer) and I can’t quite kick a soccer ball as hard as I use to quite yet, it is on the mend.  Prayer — I’m having a bit of an issue with my insurance company.  They have paid for my surgery, so that’s taken care of, but they’re also suppose to give me a $400 stipend because I needed to stay in the hospital overnight.  Unfortunately they have denied me that stipend, so I’m going through the appeals process to see about getting it.   It would be nice to have IMG reverse their decision, especially since I’ve sent them the documentation showing I should receive the stipend.  If I don’t get it, it’s not particularly a big deal, just would be nice to have that extra finances.   I have a refrigerator in my house that’s on it’s last legs and is getting ready to die, and the stipend would cover about half of a new refrigerator.

Prayer — Please pray for the Senior class here at RVA.  I’m a class sponsor and have been working with them since I taught them in 6th grade Sunday School.  Now they are deep into making decisions as to where to go to college and university.  Pray that schools will look at them and want to give them great financial aid packages.  Pray that scholarships become available.  I can say, without a doubt, that this Senior class here at RVA is made up of some of the best kids in the entire world.  It would be great to have colleges and universities see that as well and help them out with furthering their education, helping them to be the world changers that I know they will be.

Prayer — Pray for rain.  For most of Kenya, the rains that usually happen in December did not happen, so people in the community around us that rely on their gardens for food are beginning to go hungry.  We at RVA are fortunate to have a well that provides us with water, so we’re not quite as affected as other communities in Kenya, particularly in northern Kenya near the desert.  We had our Titchie Field Day a couple of weeks ago on one of our soccer fields.  Notice how brown the field is they are playing on. Pray that rain will come and crops will grow.

I guess that’s about it from here.  Thanks so much for your prayer support for me and the ministry here at RVA.  It is greatly appreciated.