So Shines A Good Deed In A Weary World

A couple of months ago, an RVA staff member was involved in a minor fender bender accident in Nairobi (it wasn’t me).  Since there wasn’t much damage to either car, the RVA staff member agreed to pay for the damages out of pocket rather than involve the insurance companies, gave some money over, and considered the whole matter finished.

Last week the lady who’s car was damaged showed up at RVA’s main gate.  She was able to fix her car for about 10,000/- ($100) less than she had been given, so she found RVA on the internet and showed up to give the extra money back to the missionary.  And she told us that she had heard that RVA students and staff were involved in working with the refugees down in the valley below us.  She had her church gather a bunch of stuff to donate to the refugees, some flour, cooking oil, shoes, clothing, sanitary pads, etc., about $500 dollars worth of stuff.

idp-goodsLast Saturday a Korean church in Nairobi (it is, after all, an international city) came to RVA to provide all RVA students with a Korean meal.  We have about 60 Korean students at RVA, but the church wanted to provide a meal for all of our students and staff.  Even the Korean ambassador to Kenya came to campus to participate and donate some stuff for the meal.  They had so much left over that they gave each of us as staff some Aloe Vera King drink. alo-drink

Our Korean kids were drinking in down like it was liquid gold.  The red seal in between my fingers says “World Sales No. 1 Brand”.  I have a hard time imagining how many companies are competing to be number 1 in the world in Aloe Vera Drink sales, but our kids did like it.  I’ll be honest, I passed on the Aloe Vera drink.

Sometimes missionaries, pastors, christian workers . . . well, actually all of us at some point in time, feel like we are constantly giving and giving and giving.  And sometimes that constant giving can wear us out.  And then someone comes along and gives to us.  And it feels good.  Our giving doesn’t earn the gifts, the gifts are given just because people love us.

Kind of like salvation.  It’s given to us not because we earn it.  It’s given to us just because God loves us.