Surgery (again)

Greetings praying friends,

If it’s not one thing it’s another.  In the beginning of  July I was playing in the RVA Alumni vs Varsity rugby game.  Lots of fun.  Not as fast as I use to be.  But then, not as thin as I use to be either.

Me playing rugby a couple of years ago.  I'm #3 just over the referee's head.

Me playing rugby a couple of years ago. I’m #3 just over the referee’s head.

Anyway right near the end of the game I was pushing in the scrum and I felt my right knee go “tweak”.  Well its rugby, so if you are not sore after a game you aren’t playing hard enough.  I hobbled home, then a couple days later talked to our school physical therapy people.  One of the ladies fiddled around with my knee and told me it might be a simple twist, it might be a torn meniscus.  4 weeks to heal a twist, surgery if it’s a meniscus tear.  8 weeks later it’s still sore.

So I make an appointment at the hospital’s Ortho clinic.  I see the doctor.  He says “Something’s wrong, get an MRI.”  So I go into Nairobi to get the MRI, and it confirms a small tear in the meniscus.  Back to the doctor who says it won’t get better on its own, and it’s best to do arthroscopic surgery on it.

So I’ve set up my surgery for December 6.  The nice thing is it’s not an overnight stay, it’s go in in the morning, small incision, enter the knee with a scope and fix it, home by supper, a couple days of keeping the knee elevated, then a week or so on crutches.

Things to pray for:

1)  I’ve gotten permission from my insurance company (IMG) to have the surgery, but they won’t authorize a Guarantee of Payment (GOP) unless it’s within 30 days of the surgery.  That means some time shortly after November 6 I’ll be working on getting that, so it won’t cost me out of pocket.  Pray that they do authorize the GOP.

2)  Pray the surgery goes well.  The doctor doing the surgery is the same one that did my left ankle surgery last December.  However his specialty is knees so I’m fortunate there.  I’ve known Dr. Mendonsa a long time, having taught and coached  all his kids when they were in Jr. High here at RVA.

3)  Praise that I was able to postpone the surgery long enough to finish out the school term.  That way I don’t have to miss a week of classes and try to find subs, and things like that.

Well that’s it from here.