The End is Here

I mean the end of the school year.  Last Thursday was graduation, so another year is in the books.  Congratulations to the class of 2016 on your graduation, and congratulations to the class that I’m sponsoring, the class of 2017.  You’re all now Seniors.  I can’t believe that way back when you were 6th graders and we went on 6th grade safari where I asked if I could be your sponsor, that you’d finally be here.  Seniors at RVA.  What a great trip it’s been, and I’m really looking forward to your Senior year.  It’s going to be a blast.

Clean up crew.jpg

No clean up crew. You’re suppose to be cleaning the pots and pans, not each other.

We’ve already begun working on Jr. Store concession stand (now Sr. Store, since we’re now Seniors).  I’m in charge of the grill and making pizzas.  This last store during Alumni Weekend we made 18 pizza’s (270 slices), 150 grilled chicken tika sandwiches, and about 180 hamburgers (as in hamburgers, cheese burgers, and my favorite, bacon cheese burgers), 80 grilled German sausage, and about 50 hot dogs.  Other groups made Philly cheese steak sandwiches, taco salads, home made ice cream (well kind of, take vanilla and mix it with different flavorings),  180 dozen donuts, apple fritters . . . Wow, I’m getting hungry just writing this.  Fortunately we’ve had three stores already so the kids do all the work and they know what they are doing, so all I have to do is oversee, they do the work.

This year in school has been fun. I taught Math 7, World History 7, and for the past three months, Bible 7 as well.  I have a feeling the poor 7th graders are getting tired of me.  Oh well, they’re on to 8th grade.  I’m actually not sure what I’m going to be teaching next year.  As far as I know, still Math 7 and then (as the principal told me) “something else as well”.  Not sure quite yet what that something else will be, but we’ll see.

I also had the opportunity once again to go on 6th grade safari.  I’ve been teaching the 6th grade Sunday School class for the past 16 years, and it’s been a lot of fun.  So since I know many of the kids, and more importantly a bus driver, I get to go on safari with them.  We go up to the base of Mount Kenya to an education center where the kids learn all kinds of things about nature and conservation.  I’m not actually in the picture below because I’m the one taking the picture.  But at least you get to see the 6th grade class, many of whom I’ll be teaching math to next year.

6th grade Safari -- William Holden Wildlife Foundation Education Center

6th grade Safari — William Holden Wildlife Foundation Education Center

On the way back from 6th grade safari I got a phone call from the school telling me that they had very heavy rains, so there was only one road into Kijabe open for us to go on.  The rest were so muddy that all kinds of vehicles were getting stuck, sliding off the road and blocking traffic. They told me that there was only one section that was pretty bad, but the rest of the road was fine.  Well they lied.  The road was very bad, and the pretty bad section was all but impassible, as you can see by the picture below.  But we made it.  I only got stuck 3 times.  Twice I needed to be pulled out, once I was able to get unstuck without being towed.  But I do have to admit, driving through this mud was A LOT OF FUN.

Supposedly the bad section of the road. I didn't get stuck here, I did get stuck elsewhere.

5 to 7 inches of mud and muck. Supposedly the bad section of the road. I didn’t get stuck here, I did get stuck elsewhere. 🙂

Fortunately the rains have basically stopped. We haven’t had much rain in the past three weeks or so, however it has been overcast and cold most of the past month. I’m looking forward to this school break where hopefully the sun will come out and I’ll be able to get out my hammock for a bit.

Well that’s about it for now. Here are a couple of prayer requests to lift before the throne.

1) Pray for the graduated Seniors. Many have just left all their friends and left Africa, never to see them or return again. Pray that they will make great friends in the many colleges and universities they are going to be attending this coming year.
2) Pray for the class of 2017 that I’m sponsoring. Pray that this next year as Seniors will be a good one, and that the kids will put God first in their lives so that they can be positive roll models for the school this next year.
3) Pray for the many staff who have left RVA in the past couple of days as they move back to the US. Pray also for the new staff that are coming in a couple of weeks to begin their time at RVA. Goodbye’s are always hard, but we also know that there will be many hello’s as well.