Ankle Update

Well the good news is that my sore ankle isn’t something that started somewhere else and moved to my ankle.  All the tests, blood work, CT scan, chest x-rays, liver function tests all came back normal/negative.  Of course, the doctors still aren’t sure exactly what is the problem, but the solution seems to be easy (at least for them), surgery.  So on this Tuesday (Dec 22) I’m going to have what is called an excisional biopsy on my ankle.  Basically they’re going to go in, cut the whole thing out, and send it to pathology to see what it is.  Hopefully it’s benign and that will be the end of it.

I will have to be off my feet for a while, then back for follow up and stitches out for a  couple of weeks, crutches for a while, may be a cast, but hopefully it will heal completely and I won’t have to worry about it again.

For those of you that know fellow EC missionaries, Brian and Missy Wagner, I’m planning on going to their house for Christmas day.  Fortunately all I have to do is go out my back door, up my driveway, across the road, and up their driveway.  They live about 30 yards away, so it will be a short jaunt on crutches.

A praise item, though.  It turns out that the hospital that I’m having my surgery at is one of only a handful of hospitals that deal directly with my insurance, so with a note from my doctor, the insurance company has issued a “Guarantee of Payment” form and will pay the hospital directly.  That means I won’t have to pay in advance and then try to get my money back from insurance, they’ll take care of it directly. While health care here in Kenya is much cheaper than in the US, this still is a huge help on the financial side of being a missionary.

Thanks for all your prayers.  Merry Christmas.