Done and Dusted

Term 1 here at RVA is done and dusted. Grades have been turned in.  My teacher’s curriculum binders are put away.   It’s been an interesting term.  I’m teaching two new courses for me, 7th grade Math and 7th grade World History.  Both classes are a lot of fun to teach, and very different classes to teach as well.  Two years ago I taught 7th grade Math, but we’ve changed to a new textbook last school year, so it’s been a bit of getting find xuse to again.  World History I taught about 8 weeks of in February and March this year,  filling in for a staff member that had to go back to the US.  Now it’s my class.  Fortunately there’s a lot of good curriculum available, so it hasn’t been that hard to step in and do that class as well.  I’m just sad for the poor 7th graders that have me for Math, World History, Study Hall, and Homeroom.  Can you imagine having me as your teacher 4 periods of the day?  Now I’m in the throes of getting lesson plans ready for next term.  The more i can get done during December break, the easier it will be for me next term.

We’ve been having lots of rain here at Kijabe.  Usually in November we get about 2 weeks of rain, but this year is suppose to be El Niño, and it seems to be.  We’ve had 5 weeks of rain, and not just light rain, but sometimes torrential rain.  Rain is great for the gardens of the people around us, but I’ve already had some of my Kenyan friends come to me and tell me that their gardens are starting to rot because of too much rain.  Pray that we get some son shine for a bit so that the crops grow well.  Many of my Kenyan friends rely on what they can grow as their only food source, so with too much rain and no food comes hunger.

I’ve had a sore ankle for about 8 months.  I figured I’d sprained it sometime before I came on furlough, then figured with all the times I went to Shady Maple, I just figured once I got back to Kenya and lost some of the weight, it would get better.  Well it hasn’t, and is still causing pain, particularly when walking up and down hills.  Have I ever mentioned that RVA is on the side of the hill?   So 3 weeks ago I had an Orthopedic doc look at it.  He suggested I get an MRI done on it, which I did last week.  Today I went to see the doc again, and he can see the problem on the MRI, just off the tip of my fibula, but isn’t sure what it is.  He wants me to get some more tests done in Nairobi, then probably a biopsy on it to see what it is.  Pray that it’s nothing serious.  Health care is much cheaper here in Kenya, however most places don’t take health insurance before procedures, so I have to pay first, have the procedure, then dialogue with my health insurance to get reimbursed.

It seems surprising but Christmas is less than 3 weeks away.  I put up my tree yesterday evening, and my cat, Enda, promptly started pawing off ornaments.  All fur, no brains. I guess It’s appropriate to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

christmas lionss

This isn’t Enda, no matter how badly she wants to be a lion.

Here’s a couple of prayer requests to lift before the throne of God!!!

  1.  Pray for rain, and pray for sun.  Pray that crops come in and people will have enough to eat.
  2. Pray that the doctors will be able to figure out what’s wrong with my ankle, and we can get it fixed without it affecting my teaching schedule too much.
  3. Pray for many missionary kids in college who are separated from their parents this Christmas.  It’s not always possible for family to get together for Christmas.  Pray for missionary parents here in Africa, who’s kids are away in college and not able to be a part of Christmas celebrations here on the mission field.
  4. Luke 2:14 (KJV) — “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”