Home Assignment

Home assignment.  The newish word we use instead of furlough.  Furlough has the image of taking a break and not doing anything.  While the daily scheduled has changed, I can assure you that I’m still doing stuff.  Home assignment means that instead of being assigned to RVA, I’ve been assigned to the US for a time, not to do nothing, but to do something else.  And boy has it been fun.


Speaking at Trinity EC Church, Frackville.

So far I’ve spoken in almost a dozen churches about my ministry at RVA. .  I also attended the annual conference of my denomination the past couple of days and made several more contacts with pastors that want me to come and speak at their churches.  I’m already getting ready for the Child Evangelism Fellowship camp coming up at the end of July.  5 days of talking to kids about Africa and about Kenya, and also ministering to the group of leaders by leading devotions for the helpers each day.

Throw in a trip to Indiana to be with family, another week where the Indiana family is coming here to Pennsylvania, a trip to Massachusetts coming up to visit family, a trip to Sight and Sound for their musical production of Joseph, several trips to Shady Maple  smorgasbord, a Philadelphia Phillies game (it’s going to be a long season), several Reading Fightin Phils games (the minor league affiliate of the big Phillies) and it’s been a fun time here in the US.

I should also add in several trips to the dentist for some extensive dental work, although as you can see, I didn’t put that in the “fun” paragraphs above. Special thanks to my parents for financial help with that, since for some reason AIM doesn’t include dental in their health insurance plans.

And now I’ve been on home assignment 8 weeks, and have just 10 more weeks left until I return to Kenya, so basically I’m half way through the home assignment.  Time is flying by. I have at least 7 more speaking already scheduled, and a couple more churches want to have me come and speak.  Pray that as I finish up my furlough, that people will understand what God is doing at RVA and in Africa, and that they will want to partner with me in that work, both financially, but more importantly through their prayer support.

I shot another prayer card once I got to the US, so find it below.  Feel free to print it out, put it on your fridge, in the church, in your church bulletin or newsletter, anywhere you want it.  I’ll insert it below so you have it available.prayer cardThanks  for those of you who already support me through prayer and finances.  Both are greatly appreciated.