End of Term One

Greetings praying friends,

Well it’s been a good long 13 week school term.  This week the students are sitting their exams, and getting ready for a 4 week break in school.  Because we are a boarding school, we want to make sure the kids get lengthy breaks from school so they can be with their parents, so our school calendar has three 3 month terms with a 1 month break between each term.  We still give the kids the full 9 months of school that they would get in the United States, but we don’t give them 9 months straight and then a 3 month summer.

DSC_0091Flags from the countries where our students live.

This term RVA has a day that is set aside to celebrate the diversity we have here amongst our students.  We have students coming to RVA who’s parents work all over Africa.  We have students that when they return to their home countries, they go to Europe, Asia, the Far East, North and South America, as well as many countries in Africa.  We have over 20 different nationalities, who’s parents work with 80 different mission organizations in over 20 different African countries.  So once a year, we have Multicultural Day here at RVA.  We dress up in our national attire (I wore a pin on my shirt with both the Kenyan flag and an American flag on it).  We do various activities from various countries around the world.  There’s just something special about a group of Korean students, living in Africa, attending and American school and participating in a Scottish dance.  Or a Scottish student playing Korean games.

DSC_0082My Jr. High boys soccer team was extremely good this year.  I had a number of players who really love the game, and enjoy playing it, to the point of obsession.  We went undefeated for the season.  A week and a half ago, we went to the Jr. High soccer tournament in Nairobi, held at ISK.  It is a 7-a-side tournament, so I take my full team and divide it into two teams, to give us two shots at taking the title.  We haven’t actually won the ISK tournament in about 10 years, but this year, we did.  Congratulations gentlemen.  It’s been an honor coaching you this year.

ISK tournamentBig news, for those that don’t know it, I’m coming home on furlough for a couple of months next year.  I’m planning on being in the US from the beginning of April to the middle of August. It’s been two and a half years since my last furlough, so it’s about time for me to come for a couple of months.  I’m looking forward to a bit of a break in the routine that is RVA, but I also know that at the end of the furlough, I get to come back here and continue doing what I love.  If your church would like to have me come and speak while I am home. please contact Pat Strain in the Global Ministries Commission office at Church Center in Myerstown.  She’s already starting to schedule me for speaking engagements, and since I’m only going to be in the US for a short time, those open spots will fill up fast.

A couple of prayer requests:

1)  Pray for missionary kids who are in the United States, while their parents are serving on the field.  Every year we pray particularly for last year’s Seniors who are now in their first year of college.  Many don’t know what they are going to do during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  I was fortunate that I had family close to where I was going to college, so I was able to be with family during the holiday’s, but many are not as lucky.

2)  Pray that as I finish up my time here before furlough, that I’ll get the things done that I need to get done.  And that I will be able to have a great furlough starting in just a couple of months.