A New Year Has Started

Greetings from Rift Valley Academy,


Helping the new students figure out where they are suppose to be on the first day of school.

Well a new school year has started here at RVA.  Once again I’m teaching 7th and 8th grade Bible, I’m the Jr. High coordinator, and I get to hang out with Jr. Highers throughout the day.  So much fun.

We have a bunch of new students at RVA this year in our Jr. High program.  Please pray for them.  For many, it’s the first time they’ve been away from their parents for extended times.  I love RVA, and I know RVA has done a lot as a boarding school to help kids fit in and be successful, but it’s still very hard for kids to be away from their parents.  Please also pray for the parents.  It’s really hard to drop your kids off for school and know you won’t see them for 6 weeks.  We do encourage the parents to come and visit as much as they are able, but some just aren’t able.

Jr. High Swim Day

Jr. High Swim Day

We do have a lot of activities to help the kids fit into life here at RVA. One of the big activities we do with Jr. High right at the beginning of school is to take them away on the first weekend, head into Nairobi for the day and go swimming.  Once again one of our sister schools in Nairobi, Rosslyn Academy,  allowed us to come to their school and use their swimming pool.  It was a bit of an overcast day, but the sun tried to come out a bit in the afternoon.  We cooked hot dogs on the grill, and had a great time having chicken fights in the water.  Even though the water was cold, the kids all had a great time.


“OK, let me try to explain the off side’s rule again. This time, pay attention!!!”

One of the other fun activities I get to be a part of is Colts U-14 football (or soccer as you American’s call it),  This year we have 50 kids out for soccer, so we were able to divide the kids up into 4 different intramural teams, where we play against each other.  Then, in about 4 weeks, we’ll choose two all-star teams that will go and play other schools, including Rosslyn. Hopefully this year we’ll beat them, even though they allowed us to use their pool for the Swim Day.

Sports is a great way for kids to interact with each other, and more importantly, build their faith and trust in God.  It’s my goal as a coach to make sure that we remember that we not only represent RVA when we play sports, but more importantly, we represent Jesus.  We do gather at the end of each practice and pray together, to make sure we are not so focused on winning that we forget to be Jesus to the teams we play.

Prayer Time

Praying together at the end of practice

A couple of prayer requests to lift up to the throne of God.

1)  Pray for the new students and new parents who are experiencing boarding school for the first time.

2)  Pray for the new staff here at the school.  For many, this is the first time they’ve had cross-cultural experiences, and teaching in a brand new country where things just don’t work the same way that they do in the United States can be difficult.

3)  Continue to pray for my financial support.  Thank you to those who have faithfully supported me financially for many years, and for the couple of you who have picked up monthly financial support for me just this past month.  I’m not quite to 100% financial support yet, but it’s getting closer.  Pray that God will pour out his blessings on me as I serve him here at RVA.