The Prosecution is Withdrawn

Greetings Praying Friends,

I just thought I’d better update you on my speeding ticket that I asked you to pray for in my last prayer letter.

Yesterday I went down to Naivasha to court, about 45 minute drive away.  I got there about 8:30 or so, and court was to begin at 9:00.  The judge showed up about 9:15 and started going through cases at 9:30.  I just sat waiting for my name to be called. About 10:30 or so he finally called my name, and I went into the dock.  The prosecution told the judge that he didn’t have the court files from the police yet, and that there would be two police witnesses to come and give evidence against me, but they weren’t there either.  The judge then said that he would hold the case over until later in the day, giving the prosecutor time to get the file and witnesses.

Then at 10:45 the judge called for a lunch break.  He came back about 1:00 for the afternoon session.  (Must be nice being a judge with that long of a lunch break.) About 1:30 he called my name again and I went back into the dock.  The prosecution said that he now had the file, but the police witnesses were not able to come, but he was ready to proceed with just the file.  I also had all of my documentation, a copy of the title, proof that the speed governor was working and wouldn’t let the vehicle go over 80 KPH, and the GPS printout from the speed governor every 5 seconds from the time I left RVA until I was pulled over, which also showed I was not speeding.

I was able finally to give that evidence to the judge, who looked at it and seemed confused.  He asked if I was driving a vehicle with the license plate KB……  I said I was.  He asked what kind of vehicle was it, and I said it was a school bus.  He asked me again about the license plate, I confirmed that it was the license plate of the school bus.  He then told me that the charge sheet said I was driving a Toyota pick up truck.  I  then mentioned to him that I guessed the police had made a misidentification, because I was definitely driving a school bus with a working speed governor and I was not going over 80 KPH.

The judge handed the papers I had brought to the prosecutor and told him to take a look at them.  They then proceeded to have me sit back down and continue waiting while they took care of all the other court business.

Finally about 2:45 they had finished with everything but my case, and after the prosecutor had looked at my papers, he turned to the judge and said that because of the mix-up with the vehicles, and because the police witnesses hadn’t come, and because I had the evidence that I was not over speeding, and because they had made me wait all day, he had decided to withdraw the prosecution against me. Then came the most surreal question from the judge.  He asked if I had a problem with them withdrawing the prosecution.  I was like, “Umm . . . No!”  So that was that, the day was over, and I didn’t have to pay a fine or anything. Praise the Lord!!!

All I can say is “Thank You.”  I know that there were so many of you who were praying for this trial, and send me notes of encouragement on Facebook and through the e-mail.   It shows the power of prayer and what can happen when God’s people pray.  I’m reminded again of James 5:6, “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.