Soccer, Interim, and Rain

Greetings Praying Friends,

I thought it might be a good idea to write a bit of an update on what’s going on here at RVA.

1653574_223838221147007_902014998_nActually, not much is new and exciting.  The Jr. High girls soccer season is now over.  We had a bit of a rebuilding year this year in soccer.  We ended up only playing 4 real games (at least we had fun, even if we didn’t win any) and hosted our annual Jr. High 7-a-side tournament.  In the tournament, we did win a couple of games, but both of my girls teams lost in the semi-finals of the tournament.  No repeat of last year when we won both first and second place.  Oh well.Jr. High soccer

Our key to the whole season was that win or lose, we wanted to show Christ on the field.  We made sure that we prayed together as a team before each and every soccer game, and had good attitudes at all times.  We played well, but other teams just played better.  Actually, the most fun we had during the season was when I invited the Jr. High boys to come and scrimmage us during practice.  That was fun putting more and more kids on the soccer field,  eventually having about 40 Jr. High kids on the field all playing soccer together at the same time.

Tomorrow our Juniors and Seniors leave for a week long, off campus learning experience called Interim.  Our students are broken down into groups of 8-10 kids, and we take them all over East Africa to give them some experiences that they might not otherwise receive.  Some groups are going to Uganda to learn about culture and to whitewater raft down the Nile River.  Some are going to Zanzibar to learn about the Arab and Islamic culture around there.  Several groups are heading down to Mombasa to do a variety of things like learning about the Reef Ecology, Scuba Diving, Coastal Cultures, etc. I’m not going to be leading an Interim this year since my responsibilities are more Jr. High than Juniors and Seniors.  There’s plenty of work, however,  for those of us who are staying behind to cover classes for those staff who are going.   Pray for our students and the staff members who are taking them on these trips.  Just yesterday two suspected terrorists were arrested in Mombasa with a couple of bombs in their car.  Please pray as some of our students are heading to that particular area of the country tomorrow.

It’s started raining here in Kenya.  That’s a good thing and a bad thing.  Many in the communities around us here at RVA are dependent on the rain to grow the crops they eat for food.  If there isn’t rain, people get hungry.  The problem is twofold.  First, the rain isn’t suppose to start yet.  The rain usually begins in the middle of April not the beginning of March.  Which means the fields are not ready for planting yet.  People are not sure if this is actually the long rains, so they should go ahead and plant, or if this is just a week or two of rain, which will then stop, and if they plant, the crops won’t grow.

A second concern with the rain is that many of our Interim groups that are going out are doing “outside activities”, like camping, hiking, bike riding, etc.  Too much rain could make Interim’s pretty miserable for our Juniors and Seniors.  Pray with us that the amount of rain will be justly balanced between our desire for a good interim and the need for rain for the gardens of the people around us.

Here’s some specific prayer requests that you can lift up to the throne of God this week:

  1. Pray for our Juniors and Seniors on Interim, that they will have a fun time, a learning time, and safety in travel and in all they do this coming week.
  2. Pray for the rain. That it will be enough to grow food, but not so much that it washes out the gardens.
  3. Pray for students and teachers as we head into these last two weeks of school before our term break, and that during the 4 weeks off that the kids have, that they will have that great quality time with their parents.
  4. Pray for our Seniors, who are now just waiting to hear back from colleges about financial aid for next year.  Many missionary kids cannot afford to go to colleges if there isn’t financial aid, so pray that scholarships become available to our kids.