It never rains on Titchie Field Day!

IMGP7510Yesterday our elementary school here at RVA called Titchie Swot, (British slang:  a titch is something that is small, and a swot is a learner, hence, little learner) had its Field Day.  Over the past many years, it never seems to rain on Titchie Field Day.  Probably because when you have 60+ children all praying for good weather, even God has to listen.

IMGP7506Because January is one of our hot months here in Kenya, it make sense that this term’s Titchie Field Day involves water.  The kids play all kinds of water games, from the dunking booth, to a tug-of-war (on a plastic sheet covered in water and dish soap) to musical  chairs where instead of sitting in a chair when the music ends, you sit in a bucket ofIMGP7522 water to that great classic children’s game duck, duck, goose, where instead of tapping the kids on the head as you go around the circle, you squeeze a sponge of water over their head.  Of course the highlight of the day is the home-made water slide down the side of the hill onto the soccer field.

Last night the Freshman class began its fundraising to provide money for class activities.   We start small.  3 or 4 nights a term the school shows movies to the kids, and the Freshman class runs the concession stand, selling soda’s, candy, and popcorn.  It doesn’t make a lot of money for the class, IMGP7529but far more important than the money is that the kids learn how to work together as a class.  This weekend, the 9th grade boys were away on an overnight retreat, so it was left to the 9th grade girls to handle the video sales.  And I think they did great.  One of the things that really impresses me about this class is that they, as a class, have made the commitment that they are going to tithe from the profit’s of their fundraisers and use that money to help out people in our community.

Today is Superbowl day in the US.  Good luck to both Denver and Seattle as they play each other.  The game will be broadcast live on TV here in Kenya, however since because of the time zone difference, I don’t think I’ll get up at 2:00 in the morning to watch the game. If the Eagles or the Buffalo Bill’s were in the Superbowl, I’d be up, but since they aren’t, I value my sleep.