‘Tis the season for . . . allergies.

There is a couple of gentlemen that I get together with each Tuesday morning at 6:15, and we spend time in prayer for each other.  I keep a journal of the prayer requests that are shared so that I can continue to pray for the requests through out the week.  For the past 2 weeks, one of my prayer requests has been my allergies that are acting up.  My journal goes back a couple of years.  I looked back through my journal to January last year, and my prayer request back then was allergies.  And in January 2012 my prayer request was also my allergies. I begin to see a pattern here.  Quite a few staff and students here at RVA seem to be suffering from allergies this year.  Right now I can hardly breathe because my nose is all stuffed up.  Yep I’m taking medicine, eating local honey, and all the other things that you’re suppose to do.  Oh well. I guess today will be a work day for the kids on their projects, so I don’t have to do much actual teaching.

Jr. High girls soccer has begun.  I just posted the intramural teams this morning, so the kids are all excited about the season.  Soccer is a huge sport around the world, in Kenya, and here at RVA.  I have 31 Jr. High girls out for soccer.  There are only 46 Jr. High girls in the school, so I have over 2/3 of them. (Oh yeah, and this year I also have one 9th grader who came out as well.)  We’ll do about 4 weeks of an intramural program, then I’ll choose an all-star team to play against other schools in the area, like Rosslyn and ISK. Unfortunately I can only keep 16 of the girls on the all star team, so in a couple of weeks I’m going to have to make some cuts.  I personally think that’s the hardest part of coaching, deciding who will continue with soccer and who will be done for the year.

This past weekend was Outreach Day here at RVA.  One Saturday a term we try to take our students off campus and get them involved in service projects to assist the local community and to spread the message of God’s love.  This term we had a bunch of kids go to a widow’s house and help fix it up.  It had been pretty damaged after the rains we had in the beginning of December, so for the kids to be able to fix it up was a huge blessing to her.  Another group of kids drove an hour1503248_10151933882898719_1358616138_n and a half to one of Kenya’s big prisons, and worked with some of the prisoners to paint some murals on various walls through out the prison.  Even though our students are mostly missionary kids, it’s important that they also realize that they are also missionaries in their own rights.  God calls each one of us to be involved in ministry.  For some, it’s going.  For some, it’s giving.  For some, it’s praying.  For all, it’s evangelism.

RVA is in the process of looking for staff members for the next school year.  There are a couple of holes right now, a certified French teacher, a certified Physical Education teacher, a Director of Special Ed, and a couple of dorm parents.  If you’re interested in working with some of the greatest kids in the world take a look at the RVA website for more info.

A couple of prayer requests:

  1. Pray for my allergies.  That we’ll get some rain to wash the pollen out of the air.
  2. Pray for the kids at RVA, that God will make himself real to them in a very special way, and that they will see themselves involved in God’s work.
  3. Continue to pray for our senior class, as they wait patiently for colleges to make decisions, particularly about financial aid.