Mac and Cheese, Marshmallows, and Exams

Greetings Praying Friends,

Last Friday the daughter of some of my good friends had her 9th birthday party, and of course she invited “Uncle Dan”. What did she want her mom to make for her birthday dinner? Mac and Cheese out of a box. Imported generic Mac and Cheese in a box usually sells for about $2.00 a box when you can find it. Sometimes companies import a shipment of a particular item and it’s in the stores for a couple of months, then when it sells out you can’t get it for a while. That was the case with the Mac and Cheese. Torrie’s mom searched all over Nairobi for it and just couldn’t find it. But, Uncle Dan to the rescue. When I came back from furlough, I brought with me a small container of the powdered cheese part of the Mac and Cheese, so Torrie got her Mac and Cheese, with real noodles and powdered cheese.

Last Sunday evening was our final Jr. High ROCK of the term, and always my favorite time. We have a bonfire on our lower soccer field (not actually ON the field, that would be sacrilegious), sing some praise and worship songs, have a bit of a lesson (I talked about Judas Iscariot) and then have a time where the kids can share with each other what God has been teaching them during this last term. Having 80 Jr. High kids all telling their friends about how good God is, is just awesome. Unfortunately, for some reason, similar to the Mac and Cheese, there were no marshmallows in the stores for the past 2 months, so no s’mores for the kids. Don’t know why there were no marshmallows, since they are not imported but made here in Kenya, but we couldn’t find any. They had the sour apple marshmallows and the banana flavored marshmallows, but those taste nasty, and the kids said they would rather not have marshmallows than have those.

Bible 7 guys taking their final test of the term

Bible 7 guys taking their final test of the term

This is the last week of school before our December term break. Right now, as I’m typing this letter, my boys Bible class is taking their Bible exam. Girls Bible class will take it tomorrow, and on Wednesday, my Math 7 class will be taking their tests. Then they are all done with school, and I have a bunch of grading to do. The kids are on term break starting Friday until the new year. It’s a nice break for them, particularly for the dorm kids who’s parents live and work somewhere else in Africa rather than in Kenya. A bunch of our kids haven’t seen their parents for the past 3 months, so getting them back with their parents for the entire month of December is a good thing for them and a change of pace is a good thing for me.

Being a tight knit community, the RVA staff tend to get together during term breaks, and particularly during the December break. In fact, I’ve already been invited to two different Thanksgiving dinners, one on Thursday and another one on Saturday. That’s the way to start term breaks. Then there are all kinds of gatherings throughout December, culminating with a huge party on New Years Eve. No point watching the diet this coming month.

A couple of business items that I need to bring up. First, my website is dying. I’ve had it for about 10 years now but I just don’t have the time or energy to keep it updated. The company wants another $250 for me to keep the web address for another 10 years and $5 a month to host it. I just don’t think it’s worth it. Personal websites aren’t as popular as they were 10 years ago as most people are keeping in contact via social media sites, like Facebook. My site on Facebook is here. If you have Facebook, go ahead and send me a friend request to keep up with what’s going on here at RVA. I also now have a blog site called Daniel Dixon’s Discursive Declamations. Don’t worry, though, my e-mail address is staying the same.

The second bit of business is one that I don’t like to talk about, but I need to, money. Unfortunately I’ve lost a bit of my support from individuals and churches over the past year. That, and an increase in health insurance (even though Obamacare promised to lower rates), means that right now I’m about $300 a month short of where I need to be. As your churches are setting up their budgets for next year, please consider what you can do to help me out with this financial shortfall. If you would like to begin to support me, or raise what you are already giving (thank you, by the way) please contact Pat Strain in the Global Ministries office at

Well I guess that’s about it from here. Let me leave you with a couple of prayer requests that you can take directly to the throne of God for me.

1) Pray that this last week will go well for the students. All students will be taking major tests this week to finish up the term, so it’s busy for them.
2) Pray for the Seniors as they are beginning to get college acceptance and rejection letters
3) Pray that my financial support will increase. I know without a shadow of a doubt that God wants me here at RVA, and that I don’t have to worry about finances, because he’s the God who owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and for him, a bit more financial support a month is nothing.

And last but not least:Merry Christmas

God Bless,