Greetings to my Blog

First_kissWell after my last prayer letter, I discovered that there are several people who want me to keep some kind of a website, since they don’t have Facebook. So I looked around and tried to find a cheap alternative to having a full-blown site that I need to pay for. Turns out that my mission, Africa Inland Mission, happens to have websites available for free for their missionaries. We can use them as regular websites as well as host blogs on it. How convenient is that?

So I went ahead and signed up for one. It will be a work in progress, but anyway, here’s the bare bones new site. Hopefully I’ll be able to put some other content on here, be able to update it regularly, and it should automatically cross-post to Facebook. So whether you have Facebook or not you’ll still be able to access my prayer letters and such. Feel free to bookmark this new site, .

Here’s to a new adventure, as a blogger.


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